How to Register:

Go to the calendar on our site or look at the left side of this page for upcoming courses. If there is a course listed/scheduled, there will be information there on how to register.  Simply click on the course to at the left or on the calendar listing for further details specific to that course. If you do not see a course listed you may be interested in taking, contact us here. Let us know the name of the course and any other information or questions you may have.

If you want to host a training session in your area with your group or organization, we can set this up. It typically takes 6-8 months to plan and set up courses which take more than one day, (i.e. 2 day or 2 weekend type events). To host an event we require a minimum of 8 students. Student fees will be the responsibility of each student. All associated fees and expenses will be paid by the host agency. Mileage is calculated based on the current governmental allowance, meals are based on your local per diem rate, and lodging will be factored based on your local rate too. When you contact us, we will provide you with a written quote for you to review. We understand that most SAR programs are volunteer based and members pay out-of-pocket. Therefore, if you only have a few people in your area and cannot produce 8 students, let us know. We have people contacting us weekly who want to join a class. We may be able to help. Just ask.

Course Fees

Course fee listing is good through 06/30/2017

NOTE:  In addition to the following course fees, a host organization may charge a ‘site fee’ to help defray expenses of rental of facilities for a given class.  When this applies, it will identified with the information for the given course.

Single course fee for NASAR courses (ISAR, FUNSAR, ADSAR OR SARTECH I, II, III Exam):

  • Member of NASAR = $175 (does not include book)
  • Non-member = $190 (does not include book)

Combined course fee FUNSAR & SARTECH II:

  • Member of NASAR = $260 (does not include book)
  • Non-member = $290 (does not include book)

Combined course fee ‘Rope Awareness’ & ‘Basic Rope Readiness’:

  • $120

Single course fees:

  • SAR Awareness = $50
  • SAR Man Tracking = $80
  • Advanced SAR Man Tracking = TBA
  • Rope Awareness for Wilderness SAR = $50
  • Basic Rope Readiness for Wilderness SAR = $90
  • Advanced Team Leader = $125
  • Basic First-aid = $50 (includes book)///(can be taught with CPR/AED as a combination course for $80)
  • Advanced First-aid = $55 (does not include book)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens = $25 (does not include book)
  • Emergency Medical Response = $355 (includes books & materials)
  • Basic Wilderness First-aid =$65 (does not include book)
  • Wilderness First-aid = $175 (includes books & materials)
  • Wilderness First Responder = $350 (includes books & materials)
  • Wilderness EMT Upgrade = $400 (includes books & materials)
  • Emergency Oxygen Administration = $60 (includes book & materials)
  • Community CPR/AED-Adult, Child, & Infant = $45 (includes book and materials)
  • CPR – BLS (Basic Life Support) = $45 (includes book and materials)
Pre-registration is required for all courses. A $50 deposit per student is due at time of pre-registration with the remainder due on the first day of class. If course is less than $50, the entire amount is due at time of pre-registration.


$25 returned to you if you find you need to cancel your attendance 31 or more days prior to the start of the first class. No refund if cancelled 30 days or less from the first day of class you are registered for. No refund if you arrive for a class and have not met all required prerequisites.

Returned or canceled checks:

There will be a $45 fee for any check that bounces or is returned to BERTS. The student will not be provided a certificate for their course work until all fees are mitigated.

We accept credit cards over the phone and at class (4% additional charge) or make checks or money orders payable to:

1307 Evergreen Road
Marion, OH 43302

Pre-registration form information needed:

Please PRINT the following information on your pre-registration form and send with your deposit:
1) Your First and Last name
2) Mailing address
3) E-mail address (even if you have been corresponding with us already)
4) Best phone number to contact you
5) If you are on a SAR team or Department, Team or Department name.
6) Circle the name(s) of the course you are pre-registering for
7) Date of the course you are pre-registering for (there may be more than one with the same name and we want to be sure you get into the one you want

Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be added to the course roster. You will receive confirmation and further information or instructions from the Lead Instructor for your class.